The best experience of colleagues from Belarus to Yamal
The best experience of colleagues from Belarus to Yamal
The Yamal delegation into which deputy governors of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area and the head of municipalities of the Arctic region led by Dmitry Kobylkin enter, the day before finished work in Brest. We will remind, the business trip of northerners to Belarus began on April 23. Establishment of direct friendly contacts with authorities and business structures of Republic of Belarus for activization of the Yamal social and economic projects was its main goal.

At once on arrival in Brest the Yamal delegation visited one of successful agrarian villages of the Brest area – Common people where northerners examined production base of agrocooperative, visited a dairy and commodity farm, in medical assistant's and obstetric point, school, recreation center, came into grocery shop, talked to heads of agroholding and inhabitants of the village. All this was certainly interesting to yamalets as the tasks set by Strategy of food security concern, including, and providing inhabitants of the Arctic region with qualitative food, and the best experience of social programs which work in Belarus, is useful also to municipalities of Yamal.

Then yamalets took part in opening of the international exhibition fair "Brest. The commonwealth – 2014" which takes place in Brest already for the 16th time and provides the most various subject: from industrial goods and agricultural machinery to consumer goods and production of the food industry.

Within exhibition opening the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin held a working meeting with the chairman of the Brest Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Alexander Palyshenkov at which the perspective directions of development of cooperation of the Yamal municipalities and Brest were discussed.

The best experience of colleagues from Belarus to Yamal

After survey of expositions of an exhibition fair the delegation of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area visited the memorial complex "Brest Fortress Hero" where the Governor and heads of municipalities assigned flowers to a memorial, observed a minute of silence fallen for the Homeland in the Great Patriotic War.

The best experience of colleagues from Belarus to Yamal

The best experience of colleagues from Belarus to Yamal

Dmitry Kobylkin left entry in the book of guests of honor:

"Doesn't choose soldiers of war and war doesn't declare.
We in irredeemable to a debt to heroes defenders of the Brest fortress.
Eternal to them memory and our filial gratitude"

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