In Salekhard the Arctic cultural forum opened
In Salekhard the Arctic cultural forum opened
In Salekhard the Arctic cultural forum "Culture as a strategic resource of development of modern society" opened.

With welcome speech the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area Dmitry Kobylkin addressed to participants. "This year in Russia is declared Year of culture. It imposes on all of us special responsibility. Because the unique alloy of richness of a historical and cultural heritage of all numerous people and nationalities of Yamal is the base of modern civil society. Developing own potential, it is very important to find new cultural ties, to attract professional community of Russia and foreign countries. It is convinced that the Arctic cultural forum will allow to correct our further development to make this world more cultural, so, – is kinder and better" , - the Head of Yamal told.

We will note that action of such scale and the importance in the cultural sphere of Yamal is carried out for the first time. Among its main goals – definition of priorities of cultural policy and strategy of development of modern society.

Here it is planned to develop recommendations and to determine priorities of further development of the sphere of culture by all activities with participation of authorities, professional community of Russia, representatives of federal, public and municipal authorities of branch.

The Russian pianist, the member of council at the Russian President on culture and art Ekaterina Mechetina and the deputy director general of Presidential library also take part in action of B. N. Yeltsin Sergey Makeev.

Within plenary session speech of the deputy director of National Library of Russia, the president of the Russian library association Vladimir Firsov, the director of the State memorial estate M. A. Sholokhov, the member of council on culture and art at the Russian President Alexander Sholokhov, the director of the Scientific and educational center "Civil Society and Social Communications" and the assistant manager UNESCO chair of the International institute of public service and Academy management is planned at the Russian President of Olga Astafyeva.

In total to Salekhard there arrived over 300 participants, including from 118 cultural institutions and art and eight establishments of education and tourism of all municipalities of Yamal. Also among participants – representatives of 16 regions of Russia and two countries of the abroad (Finland and the USA).

Today for participants of a forum the solemn concert with participation of creative collectives of Yamal, an open seminar on Andrey Purtov's branding – the director general of the brendingovy company and Ekaterina Mechetina's concert interview – soloists of the Moscow state academic philharmonic hall, the winner of the international competitions, the winner of the Award of the Russian President for young cultural figures will take place.

On April 3 and 4 within the Arctic cultural forum will pass presentations, public lectures, debatable meetings, "round tables" where more than hundred reports will be submitted. Work will take place in seven sections: "Formation of new products and services in XXI centuries libraries"; "Professional art and primary professional education"; "Museums of the XXI century: from cooperation to coauthorship"; "Innovative resources of development of cultural and leisure activity"; "National art crafts and crafts of northern territories in modern cultural space"; "Partnership as effective instrument of preservation of archaeological heritage of the Arctic"; "Management in the culture sphere".

Following the results of work of the Forum the recommendations formulated in the resolution, will be sent to the address of creative public associations and the organizations, the interested departments and local governments.

Will finish the Arctic cultural forum performance of Art theater of the Center of the new drama "Practice" (Moscow) "Grandmothers" within a theater Festival "the First Theatrical: Russian classics and present".

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