The Novy Urengoy teenagers rescued the woman and three children
The Novy Urengoy teenagers rescued the woman and three children
It occurred in Novy Urengoy on March 14.

At 19 hours 04 minutes on the central point of fire protection the message on fire in a nine-floor house in the residential district Soviet arrived.

The firefighters who have arrived through 4 minutes, having convinced that none of residents don't need evacuation, liquidated ignition in the apartment on the first floor within 20 minutes. On radio station transferred: "Elimination 19:28. Victims aren't present" . from eyewitnesses became known Only next day that nobody suffered thanks to four children who appeared at an entrance at the time of fire emergence.

We managed to meet children in their native 12th school and to talk how it was. Here that Vladislav Kruch, the first of entered the apartment told: "We saw off the friend who lives in that ill-fated apartment. Having opened a door, it lifted shout: inside everything was in a smoke which was beaten out by clubs outside".

Having heard it, children immediately rushed into the apartment and were much surprised to the opened picture: the woman with the child on hands rushed about about the room, trying to rescue things, the child of years of four sat in other room, having hidden behind a sofa, one more child approximately six-year age too didn't make the slightest attempts to leave the burning room.

Asatur G., Maxim N., Vladislav K. and Stepan Z., without losing minutes, forced the woman to give up searches and to leave the apartment. Children took out children on hands from an entrance and betrayed to neighbors. Having returned to the house to notify all residents and to be convinced that the help isn't necessary to anybody any more, on the top floors they found again the same woman with the child and again helped it to leave, this time from an entrance. By this moment of division of fire protection and ambulance already were on a place.

In ambulance examined the rescued children and the woman: to their health threatened nothing. In the evening of the same day two children who were taking part in rescue of juvenile children, addressed in an accident ward with complaints to a general malaise and a headache. The diagnosis was made to children: "Poisoning with carbon monoxide" .

As well as it is necessary to real heroes, in conversation with us children were modest, and with a smile remembered all events. The chief of the Novy Urengoy garrison of fire protection the lieutenant colonel of internal service Dmitry Hrabrov made the decision to award children letters of thanks. Rewarding will take place on March 31, 2014.

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