New restrictions on winter roads
New restrictions on winter roads
Due to the weather conditions since March 17 to special the order is closed movement on the winter road "Aksarka – Salemal – Panayevsk – Yar-Sal" for all types of vehicles.

On winter roads "Urengoy – Krasnoselkup", "Nadym-Salekhard" and "– Muzhi – Azova – Tags" journey is allowed by Labytnangi to all-wheel drive transport with a lump up to 3,5 tons. Trucks on routes aren't allowed.

Phone numbers of uniform dispatching service:
8-902-827-73-81 (round-the-clock)
8 (34922) 4-03-90 (in working hours).

On them it is possible to learn about a condition of winter roads, the admissible tonnage and the car which has come out to the route (the truth only if his owner was registered on a check point).

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